System Selection

system selection   The implementation of a core banking system is generally expensive, time- and resource- consuming and fraught with risk. Selecting the right system in the first place is crucial to the success of the project, and this can only be ensured through a thorough and objective approach, which recognizes not only that the selected system must support the bank’s business, but also that the bank and vendor are entering into a long-term relationship.

Gladstone’s consultants will provide a clear and structured process for system selection, carrying out a thorough analysis of the bank’s requirements, identifying candidate systems and vendors and structuring the request for proposal (RFP).

Selection of the preferred supplier will then be made on the basis of the best fit with requirements, including functional, technical, vendor support and reliability etc.

We will then guide the bank through a formal appraisal of the preferred system to verify the vendor’s claims, and to ensure that all significant functionality gaps are identified. Additionally, we can support the bank in its contract negotiations with the selected vendor.

At the end of the process, the bank can be certain that it has selected the system best suited to support its business, and with a clear and fair contractual relationship with the vendor.

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