trainingSystems conversions are arduous and somewhat risky undertakings. 

Whether you are implementing a new system due to a merger or acquisition,  upgrading your technology,  increasing the scope of your system, or consolidating IT  systems – you will need skilled staff and all hands must pull in the same direction. 

Getting a new banking system up and running is only half the battle, training your internal staff and end users on the new system is a very important element in a successful conversion. Knowledge transfer is essential to making the system conversion an overall success.

Find out how Gladstone can help by bringing experienced trainers with practical hands-on experience in banks around the world by assessing where the needs lie and addressing those needs with skills transfer.

For organizations with training departments integrated into their HR function, sometimes a “Train the Trainer” program can be used for end users who will not be required to possess advanced technical and/or configuration skills.