MQ Series

IBM MQ-Series Services

Gladstone can provide you with MQSeries services to help tie together your various software applications so that they can work together.

Gladstone’s MQSeries group can assist with the planning, customization, and implementation of the five core MQSeries products:

  MQSeries, the core of the MQSeries family, integrates over 35 platforms. Providing the base messaging functions for servers and clients, and assuring once only message delivery, it can be used alone or with other members of the family.

  MQSeries Adapter Offering provides the framework and tools to build and customize MQSeries adapters for existing and new, pre-packaged or custom-developed applications.

  MQSeries Everyplace brings the benefits of assured message delivery and rock-solid security to the failure-prone environment of mobile working.

  MQSeries Integrator, a powerful information broker, includes a one-to-many connectivity model plus transformation, intelligent routing and information flow modeling across multiple, disparate business systems.

  MQSeries Workflow, a business process management system, enables the definition, execution and swift change of complete business processes that span systems, applications and people.

MQ Strength+ Gladstone Innovation

Our MQSeries business integration services allow you to connect different computer systems, diverse geographical locations, and dissimilar IT infrastructures so that a seamless operation can be run.

We bring over two decades of experience to the table and provide expertise in the areas of Retail and Commercial Banking, Insurance, and Institutional Services.

Gladstone builds solutions based on your unique needs while utilizing a full range of core skills thus delivering quality solutions in a shorter time.