Banking Systems Solutions


Gladstone offers many core services to our Financial Markets customers including:

  Temenos Applications       Fiserv Applications       IBM MQ Services    
  Banking Services       Disaster Services   Fidelity Applications

  Temenos Applications and Operations Services:
Multi-project, multi-module (application) and global experience converting, upgrading and finessing Temenos T24 and Globus as well as their corresponding databases (Universe, jBASE, Oracle). From project management to sub-specialties, Gladstone covers the full range of Temenos products and can help speed your implementation with qualified, globally experienced resources.   

  Fidelity Applications and Operations Services:
Providing senior resources with over 15 years experience developing, managing, and running Fidelity applications   

  Fiserv Application Services:
Providing expert assistance in the planning, implementation, and customization of Fiserv applications   

  IBM MQ-Series Services:
Assisting financial services companies of all sizes plan and implement IBM’s MQSeries software which allows any two or more commercial systems to communicate

  Banking Automation Services:
Providing experts to plan, build, and implement Call Centers, Online Banking Applications, Branch Automation systems, and other high-transaction systems.

  Disaster Planning Services:
Our resources will assist your company with the development and implementation of a new DR / Business Continuity Plan or the testing and enhancement of an existing plan.